Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Warhammer Quest family night

Tonight we had another night with the family all playing Warhammer Quest again. This time we went into with a different mix up of heroes. The Barbarian, the Wizard, the Dwarf, and a Saurus Warrior. The adventure was the simple identification quest for the Tomb Chamber.

First room was a T-junction and no events happened. The barbarian lead us to the left hallway at explored the door there, which on the otherside sat the Guards Chamber dungeon room. We filtered into the room with the Barbarian, Saurus, and Wizard standing next to each other while the Dwarf went to the otherside of the room.

After the warriors had moved into the room a portcullis slammed shut behind them as Orc warriors and Orc archers leapt from the shadows at the heroes. The Dwarf quickly dispatched the one who dared to attack him and was left alone in the far corner while the rest of the group fought off the larger pack. The Barbarian went Berserk, but rolled a '1' so managed to deal one wound to the Saurus warrior, the Wizard's power die was simple to low for her to cast any magic, and the Saurus missed his to-hit roll. The Orcs returned fire dealing heavy damage to both the Barbarian and the Wizard, with minor wounds to the Saurus.

Turn two started with the Barbarian and Saurus both failing to hit with his attacks, the Dwarf moved forward and attacked the orc attacking the Wizard but missed. The Wizard cast a Lightning Bolt spell on the orc in front of the Saurus hoping to free him up and destroyed the creature. In retaliation the orcs once again dealt more damage to both the Wizard, Dwarf, and Barbarian.

The next round of combat started to show some promise as the Barbarian had finally managed to slay his stubborn orcish foe, freeing the Saurus up to assist the Wizard. The Saurus brought his axe down heavily on one of the orcs defeating it, but the deathblow failed to land on the second orc. The Dwarf and the Wizard however failed to land any blows this turn. Again the Barbarian and Wizard were hit, the Saurus using his provisions to heal the damage he could, keeping both warriors at two health.

The next turn started off badly with a roll of a '1' on the power die. First event was scorpions which thankfully had 9/12 of them destroyed before they got to the Wizard, followed by the Dwarf Prospector Event (we simply removed the porticullus at this point), then six more orcs jumped into the fight. The warriors fought hard, each killing most of the mobs on the board at the time. The orcs fought back and once again forced the Saurus to use more of his provisions to keep the Wizard and the Barbarian from death's door.

As if it wasn't bad enough, the next turn Skaven leapt into the fight from somewhere. The Dwarf mauled many before he tripped on his beard and landed face first on the ground. The Saurus took many hits, but thankfully his high toughness and Scaly Skin rule negated most of the serious damage. the Wizard and the Barbarian both fell, leaving the Dwarf and the Wizard back to back with many Skaven still around them.

The next fight, as if the dungeon knew we were close to going down had a Minotaur and four goblins join the fight alongside the Skaven. The Dwarf mauled one of the Skaven, while the Saurus killed one of the melee goblins and a Skaven in turn. The Minotaur, seemingly playing around managed to miss with both his attacks against the Saurus, and the Skaven's light attacks dealt more little wounds to the Saurus that were now adding up with no healer and the Saurus fell to the ground.

It certainly was not looking good for the Dwarf, as he was now along with the remaining mobs. He did what he could, and killed a goblin with his attack that turn. It was all in vain however as the minotaur came up and unloaded two strong connecting hits which took the Dwarf out of combat.

We decided to look at the dungeon deck now that everyone was dead and found that on a positive note, we were at least heading in the right way. Sucks that we didn't even get past the first dungeon room, but really what an you do when you have such a long succession of monsters wanting to eat your face? We fought long and hard, and at least went out like warriors this time around rather then crying in the darkness.

So after everything was said and done, I really missed the Elven Ranger's higher Weaponskill rating as the Saurus did manage to miss far more often then I liked. On the flip side though, the Saurus was a masterful tank, taking rounds upon rounds of damage and not healing himself. The Dwarf fought admirably, and I think has locked in a position in the group in some it's decent balance of tank and DPS. The Wizard again wasn't that useful to use for power, low die rolls just handicap that character so much. The Barbarian didn't function to well, simply because the dice did not like my wife much at all tonight. I am thinking the Elven Ranger Mage, the Wizard, the Saurus, and the Dwarf might have a decent shot at survival in the next game.

At some point I do need to start updating minis for Warhammer Quest. I could at least get Mantic's Orc range, but will have to look for other things. A part of me wants to put the Minotaurs on 2x2 base, as it is stupidly powerful to take up the same space as an ogre and other mobs you could face later on in the game.
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