Sunday, October 2, 2011

FFXIV 1.19 patch notes

Well finally the FFXIV patch notes are up, and I won't repost them here. You can find the whole list of changes and whatnot on the lodestone site.

Here are a few things that stood out to me.

  • Chocobos and airships: Yay, about time fast transports outside of the precious teleporting came into the game.
  • Casting and buffing without the need to go into active mode: Again I say 'Yay'. Hated pulling out my axe everytime I simply wanted to cast cure on myself.
  • Guard going away and block becoming passive: About freaking time. I hated how tedious it was to always be watching for the message that your sword arm has fallen. It was annoying and didn't really add anything to the game.
  • HP/MP regen when stationary only: Have a feeling that the game is going for a more stationary camp site type hunting we saw in FFXI. I don't mind that as I made a lot of friends in those groups.
  • Repair changes: Oh sweet lord thank you! I hated the fact I could only repair to 75% and only in the main towns on the fly.
  • Getting rid of physical levels: I'm not going to complain. Like the guard ability, seemed like a useless mechanic really.
  • Leve changes: As a more casual player these days, the leve changes are just great for me. means I will have far more to do in those days I do log in then I have access to now. Not so great for those people that do burn their leves every days though.
  • XP chains: How can more XP from killing faster be a bad thing?
  • New claiming system: I'm happy I really am, but have a feeling things are going to become an AoE fest as people try to PL themselves. Mar and the casters are going to become overplayed I have a feeling.

That's just out of the gate. Now you might notice I didn't mention crafting, the Ifrit battle, Grand Company, and a few other things. I dislike crafting, so for me crafting is a useless tasks anyways. I don't know how it's actually going to affect the game overall once it's in place. The Ifrit and Grand Company content I won't be able to comment on until I actually get to see it in action.

The patch looks good overall. I am pretty impressed and hope this is a huge step towards making the game it should have been at release.
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