Monday, October 3, 2011

On the hunt for a good WHQ minis

My favorite character in Warhammer quest in the Elven Ranger, as you may have guessed from me constantly mentioning it in most of my reports on Warhammer Quest. Anyhow I have been looking for a decent mini that looks like it could be either a Knight or a Mage version of the Elven Ranger with ease. Thus far I have found one that is high ranking compared to most is Seltyiel Iconic Eldritch Knight from Reaper Mini.

I like how it looks like a decent enough fighter with obvious magical abilities, something the Elven Ranger is capable of in both forms you can choose from as it levels up. This mini however isn't the only option I am keeping my eye on.

A bit more passive looking, but still fairly stalwart, but not so showy in terms of it's magic abilities is the Arael, Half Elf Cleric miniature. Sure it says he is a Half Elf, but really you can't tell. it still has pointed ears of a normal Elf. He looks decent enough for a dungeoneer overall, and can really be both the normal Elf (even though the normal Elf is far better with a bow then the Ranger is strangely enough) or the Ranger.

Now both of those minis have price on their side. They are both between $5 and $7.50, and for the quality, not a bad choice. There is of course other options, that starts becoming far more expensive quickly.

The most obvious of course is the Warhammer High Elf Prince and Noble box set. It is much more expensive, but offers more variety to make a wide choice of themed Rangers, from White Lion to Swordmaster.

As I said though, the price does jump up rather drastically for what you get. $26.50 for a small boxset, and not much higher quality then found in the previously mentioned minis. It is hard to justify spending that much on a game that GW has already let die years ago. Warhammer Quest is only alive thanks to the fans, and there are so many sources of good, cheap alternative minis now, GW minis are hard to validate spending that much money on. Especially considering the number of various minis you will eventually need.

Anyhow, onto my Saurus Warrior mini. honestly, this is one I that I do like the look of GW's enough to validate spending the money on.

It is a nice mini that looks like it would eat your face, and yet also looks like it could take a punch. At $13.25, it isn't completely out of the realm of possibility to buy and use.

Right now I am currently using Kriv Blackspear from Reaper Minis. Of course mine is equipped with an axe and shield, rather then the spear shown in the pic, as I thought the shield was more fitting of the Saurus Warrior rules. Now this mini isn't cheap, coming in at $10.99, but it is larger then most GW minis, and pretty detailed. Unfortunately the best equipment options isn't shown, so you can really see that detail. he certainly does need a good base however, as in our last game, he seemed almost ackward on the board when positioning because he was twisted in such a weird pose. I know it's supposed to be a shield bash pose when everything is said and done, but it didn't come off exactly great.

Strangely enough GW has a pretty good edge here as there is very few good dragonmen/lizardmen options to choose from out there. GW's Lizardmen are excellent, being both just detailed enough to be eye catching yet not over the top enough to drown out the important bits.

Of course I need minis for a good number of other minis as well. We already replaced the Barbarian with Amon, Viking Warrior from Reaper Minis. It was also really nice for the price of $8.99. have a lot more to do though, including the enemy minis that are just getting outdated.

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