Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another busy weekend ahead of me

This weekend should be fairly entertaining. In addition to all the normal house work I have to get done, I also have some gaming planned with strangers.

Found out only recently one of my neighbors played Heroes Quest, which is just a basic form of Warhammer Quest, and they made a bunch of house rules that more or less made heroes Quest into Warhammer Quest (Character advance, travel, blah blah blah). This of course will be the first time the husband will play Warhammer Quest at all, and the first time the wife has played the genre of board games period. Will certainly be interesting, and I am not sure if I want to bring in my Elven Ranger instead of the classic Elf or not. I guess it will depend entirely on what the rest of the group chooses.

I also want to start knocking out some of my Firestorm Armada miniatures, as I believe it should be fairly quick turn around on getting those painted. Found a basic color scheme on the web I liked, with some modifications to make it 'mine' of course. This site has more or less what I wanted to do, mine scheme of course will use silver instead of grey, darker blue, red instead of orange, green for the command decks, ect. Will be interesting to see if it turns out the way my minds eye thinks it should, or if the painting just gets on my nerves and I quit half way through again.

On top of all that I am still fighting with myself if I should start up Warhammer 40K or Fantasy again. I really do want a Tau force, as I have gotten much better at playing a range heavy force, but at the same time rumor mill says the Crisis suits are getting a complete overhaul, and I will hate to have to get completely new, and most likely more expensive, minis. Of course the fact I won't ever finish painting the force myself is another heavy factor. Heck, my Lizardmen force is still largely unpainted and incomplete.

Next on my busy weekend agenda is working on at least one of my RC helis. I know I posted about my 250 yesterday, but I think it'll come down to which I find requires less time from me over all. I do want something flyable by next spring though for sure, and one or another, one of these helis will be air born.

After all this is said and done, I still need to get leveling my Marauder and Lancer in FFXIV, fight Ifrit, work on my crafting. Almost finished with the basic Orcs must Die! game, so have to finish the up and try to clear all with 5 skulls. Maybe this weekend I'll also get some time to do a hot seat game of Might and Magic Heroes VI with the wife and maybe the kids. So much video gaming to top of the other hobbies.

This is all on top of doing yard work, changing the faucets in the house, visiting the wife's nephew (still not sure I care to), basic house cleaning, and many other 'fun' tasks all lined up. honestly these next four days off are just going to be loaded to the brim.
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