Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trying to work on my RC helis

So my big project, now that I have put it off for far to long, is to start repairing and getting my TREX 250 repaired and in flying condition. Why the 250 over my 500? Simply size. The 250 can be easily stored and taken to more places with greater ease.

Here is my problem with the 250 though. I have ZERO training or understanding on how to program it correctly. I have tried to watch the Finless Bob series on Helifreak.com, but frankly I don't learn squat that way. I need to see things in person and do it myself so I actually imprint it in my memory. Watching a video of someone else doing or explaining something to me just doesn't stick.

The first and only time my 250 ever got off the ground something went terribly wrong and the next thing I knew it slammed tail first into the ground, both main rotor blades flew off, the rear blades came off as shrapnel outward to who knows where. Of course this means getting smaller metric keys then I currently have in order to even start repairs.

I am going to have to try and get assistance from either the local hobby shop, which has been less then useful to me, or through Craigslist. The second option I don't want to really rush into if I don't have to, but I do need assistance and need someone willing to actually sit down and show me what each setting does and how that pertains to MY HELI. If anyone out there reading this knows anything about setting up and RC heli, or 250 specifically, feel free to leave a message. Worse comes to worse, I will work on my 500 even if my wife doesn't like the idea of me jumping to that size of heli right away.
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