Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thinking of changing some things up

As some folks who have stumbled upon my blog might have noticed, I have shifted my focus lately. When I first created the blog, it was specifically created to cover two various hobbies I was heavily invested in at the time, MMORPGs and tabletop wargaming. For a long time I kept it about balanced in regards to posting, but lately I have noticed a change in not only my posting style, but also my personal choice of past times.

It has been a while since I really posted anything about an MMO I've actually played past the first few levels. I keep hoping games since I am finding a severe lack of challenge, quality, or just down right fun in most MMOs on the market. As such, no reason to blog about something I am not having fun doing any longer. Which brings me to the heart of the matter of this post.

I am thinking about revamping my blog to be specifically aimed at my tabletop gaming. I have played it for years, the games are always fun, challenging, and there are some really good systems out there if people look beyond just Games Workshop or Privateer Press. Mantic, Spartan Games, Cipher Studios, and tons of other companies are just biting at the bit to have a voice on the web, and I have just enough ADHD to play most of them at some point (that was a joke!).

As such I am thinking about doing a few change ups to the site. Namely I want a new site banner, something more personal then generic Spartans, and I want to clean up my MMO reports down to a simple MMO tag. This should help clean up my tag cloud on the side of the site, and make the site look just a bit more 'mine'.

We'll see how it goes. Worse comes to worse, I simply have to re-add some tags to a few posts
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