Saturday, October 29, 2011

Post-weekend update...

Well I got some stuff I wanted and expected done, and did other stuff I decided to do on the fly done. Overall, it was relatively uneventful for a weekend of gaming.

I got the minis for my Retribution of Scyrah force and my wife's Warwitch Sirens ordered. Unfortunately the only places respectably nearby to me carry little to no Warmachine, so had to resort to my old standby of ordering from TheWarStore. Of course some items initially were listed as backordered due to the nature of how they stock Reaper and Privateer Press minis, but within 24 hours the package was on the UPS truck. Thankfully I ordered so much in one go (5lbs of various minis and whatnot!!!) that the savings more then cancelled out the shipping costs of $6. That should be here next Friday, so we'll see if there is any mispackages or missing items from the order.

On the flip side of things, I did decide I had to many Menoth miniatures roaming around and decided to try and clear out my 'collection'. Deciding to get rid of everything that wasn't in my tried and true Reznik force, I put up a sizable list up on Craigslist. Unfortunately no bites so far, so might need to try and sell through Warseer/eBay/ect. Selling minis on Craigslist has always been rather hit or miss, seems this area is rather sketchy in regards to active players. Sometimes I have things sold in mere minutes of posting, other times I have to give up after a couple weeks.

My order from Litko FINALLY came in this weekend as well. The mini dice towers are incredibly small but can do up to four die a pop without much issue, and the Firestorm Armada tokens were still the same nice quality plastic as before. Overall the company is great in terms of quality, but you pay for that quality in many respects. Firstly, the price of almost everything on their website is rather on the steep side, turning me away from things like the 3", 4" and 5" cloud effect markers simply because of how much those three things would cost total, let alone when I need multiple for Warmachine. The second reason is the time for shipping from the point of ordering. 21+ days for an item to be shipped is rather steep, especially for something as common as dice towers. Supposedly they are working on bringing it down to 7 or less days, but we'll see when/if that does indeed happen.

The neighbor didn't come over for any type of gaming this week, which I'm not overly sad about. For some reason I just was not feeling it at all, and the thought of teaching someone to play a new game was just not high on my 'to-do' list. Maybe next weekend he'll be able to see some gaming, as I'll have loads of new minis I'll want to beat someone down with. I have a feeling though that we'll most likely we'll play Drakon or Descent.

I think that more or less covers my tabletop fun for this weekend. Spent a lot of money, got a lot of minis. I did restart my City of Heroes account since the game did go Free to play, but haven't really put enough time into it to really review anything. the game has changed a ton since I last played.
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