Saturday, December 3, 2011

Today's gaming docket

Yesterday I finally got the last of my Retribution minis through UPS, and got them assembled and the bases greenstuffed. Not a single mispack in yesterday's order, so that is certainly a step in the right direction. That means for today I just have to lay down the 'grout work' for the greenstuff bases I did, glue the minis down and then they are ready for primer. Should be able to get my force primed by the end of the day if all goes well, and possibly even game ready.

Also got all the minis for Super Dungeon Explore put together with the help of my wife. We'll aim for a game of that tonight with the kids since the rules seem fairly easy overall for a 16bit game. The rules seem rather interesting when I gave them a quick read through, will certainly be fun to see how it works out on the table for the first game. I could really see the arcade feeling Soda Pop Minis were going for when making the game.

I am hoping that once the game of SDE is over, and after the kids have been sent to bed, that means the wife and I can try our new Warmachine forces against each other at 35 points. Honestly, I have to admit, the way I revamped my wife's army, I am rather afraid of the potential to beat my face in, especially since she is still playing the same caster, while I have a completely new force with a rather untested caster. I still don't really agree with the whole force field absorbing damage, but still counting as being 'damaged' as far as Drag, Feedback, and other effects go. It simply doesn't make any sense in that regard, but that's what Privateer Press says the rules are, so we'll play with them.

That should fill up most of today for my gaming time
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