Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekend update

So the weekend is over, and I'm and finishing up the last couple hours before crashing for the day, just so I can get up and start my work week tonight. I'm dead tired right now, so won't make this post very long.

This weekend was fairly average. No gaming got done, but I did actually get two Retribution Halberdiers painted up that actually look fairly decent. The minis are not 100% complete yet, but the majority of work is done. Of course they probably could look better, but I just wanted a force that looked good on the table, and not a force that is going for any type of prize. I'll post pictures at some point.

On the topic of pictures, I got the photo studio (light box) I ordered from Amazon yesterday, and it looks rather interesting. I have not got a chance to actually test it however, so I will let you know how things happen in that regard when I post pics of my painted minis using that studio.

Knightfall Games had Santa come in last night, so took my kids to go see that. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, so I'm not complaining, especially since it was free. I loaded up on some paints that I needed to replace anyhow, so gave me an excuses to hit up their shop. While there I also preordered the Firestorm Armada dreadnaughts for my wife's Directorate and my Relthoza, those should be in sometime this coming week.

Outside of that, this weekend was fairly uneventful overall. If I wasn't doing something with my tabletop hobbies I was spending time with the family or playing Spiral Knights.
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