Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gaming update

Not much to really update for me honestly. I still have not finished painting my Retribution, but to be fair the weather around here has been over all decent and I have been spending far more time outside flying my heli's, or repairing them, then staying indoors.

Now of course that isn't to say I haven't been gaming. I recently bought my wife and my oldest daughter the DMZ boxes of Lords of Cthul and Terrasaurs for Monsterpocalypse. had to also get myself a DMZ box set for GUARD, since I recently can into the possession of a couple minis that don't have stats in the core rulebook. My daughter seems genuinely excited about having her first army and is already talking about when she grows bored of them, what 'big armies' like I have she wants. We'll see if that actually sticks though.

That is really it though for gaming. Small update, but still an update none-the-less.
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