Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA/PIPA - My thoughts

Firstly, I do want to say I am sorry for slowing down lately on updates. It's just been that kind of time for me lately. Anyhow, to the meat of this particular post.

I am sure a good number of folks have heard by now about the SOPA and PIPA bills going through congress and the US senate. People worldwide are up in arms about it, and there is plenty enough good reasons.

Here are my stances on everything in very simple terms.

First: Piracy CAN'T BE STOPPED. It happened with VHS tapes, it happened with casette tapes, it happened with CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray burn,  now it's happening with the internet widespread. Do you notice a pattern with that? Piracy evolves with newer tech. If piracy can evolve and adapt, there should be absolutely no reason that the MPAA and their ilk shouldn't be able to... You know why movie and software piracy has lowered so much in recent years? Thank Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Steam, and other forward thinking groups... at least they did advance their way of thinking in the right way. The MPAA and whatnot still manages to handicap even those groups yet though. I won't even go into the fact that it's not very shocking to find that the president of the MPAA just happens to also be a senator (Not abusing their station in office at all are they?).

Second: Where does the US government get off thinking they have the right to play big brother to the world again in this regard. The US citizens have said they don't want this, the global citizens have said they don't want this, and yet the people elected TO LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE are just calling everyone against these bills as misguided and abusing their 'power'. No, that is called corruption of the government and certainly means they aren't capable of doing the job they were elected to do. The government (worldwide as well) should not be involved in anything involving the internet. They should be focusing on far more important things like illegal immigration, enormous spending, and quality of life of the citizens (which shockingly enough these bills do NOT ADDRESS).

I'll be honest, I do not trust Obama to veto the bill as he has threatened to do. He said he would veto the National Defense Act as well, but look and behold... he let it go through. I'll gladly eat my words if he manages to grow a backbone and actually veto the bills, but I'll believe it when I see it.

These bills have far to far long reaching effects to be truly viable. The excuse of piracy is a complete farce, giving a reason for the government to again get to involved in the everyday life of the citizens. I personally believe no government, USA or elsewhere, should have the right to censor anyone's words, be it in person or on the internet. Piracy is certainly an issue, but it is NOT an issue the government should be involved in. Not everything requires big brother to step in and regulate, as much as people want to think. Learn to stand on your own two feet for once, and shockingly enough, you wouldn't need to call on the government to protect you from the 'evils' of the world.
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