Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Plans

Well last weekend I found out some things about heavy gear that really made some of my terrain work, and other bits of my terrain work even less then before.

First and foremost I think the abandoned gear factory set up is interesting and actually logical in regards to it's size. I think it would be entirely possible to make a good sized ruined (and maybe one or two not ruined) factories to fight around, and would quickly make a city fight type situation as the forces battle for controls of the various points. I'll have to put more thoughts into this, but GW's Imperial Sector gives a lot of freedon in that regard. I'll have to see what bits I still have left over to make more ruins.

For the most part the games my wife and I have played have been on flat terrain using the Zuzzy mat with no hills. I'd like to see how well the gears hold themselves up on the GW sloped hills or if I might need to get/make smaller hills to use. I also have the Temple of Skulls from GW, and that is simply just too large to use in any real regard. I might be able to make some custom version however with a mix of the giant heads from DP9 and some foam. Could very easily do something more fitting for Heavy Gear using the basic idea from GW (shockingly enough not every game is as 'grimdark' as the Warhammer worlds). Will need a foam cutter to get that plan off the ground though.

Now of course I do plan to get at least one more game in this weekend, get myself really well associated with the rules before the rest of my minis arrive to complete both my wife and my forces. I am hoping that this weekend we might have enough time to stop by Knightfall Games and play a game there. That plan however will depend on how much time we have on the various days or if anything else shows up in our schedule. Would like to get down there and give it a shot however, as they have a table dedicated to Flames of War, and thus a really good match scale wise for Heavy Gear Blitz.

I am hoping that sometime within the next few weeks a few more minis should be arriving for our Heavy Gear forces, and that'll be great for PL2 lists, but if we choose any other value, we'll have to reconfigure the entire list of options. There is also the issue of getting minis for my basic configs, as I simply don't understand how to magnetize the Heavy Gear basic minis with the small weapon sizes. So I'll have to buy a few more minis just for swappable purposes. That of course means more minis to order, but that is further down the road then I need to really think about. Right now I am fine with my little 1000TV LP2 list, and my wife seems to enjoy her Black Talons (even if they tend to have a bad habit of forgetting their ammo).

I think that will be a pretty full weekend for me overall since my work schedule is shifting yet again to a much more quiet night shift schedule.
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