Friday, March 2, 2012

Recreation of blog

Rather sudden news, but something I've been dealing with in the background for a while.

Some folks might have noticed that my blog 'Gamers-Phalanx' showed up as 'Of Wind Spirits and Plasma Swords', and I've been trying to figure out why for a good few months now, but running into brick walls each time I think I was getting a lead.

I eventually decided that I needed to recreate my blog with the right title and http address and just reset the whole mess back to new. As such, I've lost my previous followers and am currently in the process of rebuilding my blogs set-up which I am hoping does not take me too long. I still also have to verify blog is correctly associated with Facebook and Twitter as well.

Might be a couple days till the blog is back to its old self, but I am hoping the payoff is worth it.
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