Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekend's over

Well, the weekend is finally over for me, tonight I start back up on my normal night shift schedule for a couple weeks. I did make the most of this weekend however as I managed to get my taxes done,  dealt with some neighbor issues, had to return a table to Kmart that got delivered with a break completely through the tabletop, most importantly however wife and I got to get a game of Heavy Gear Blitz in at Knightfall Games.

Because it was the first of the month Chris, the owner of Knightfall, was not able to play, but my wife and I managed to knock out a quick game while there. I had the objectives Breakthrough and Seize which required me to not only get a selected unit off the tabletop but also get my unit into my enemies deployment zone to capture it. My wife had to gain active lock to my Strike Squad minis and also capture my deployment zone.

With as crowded as the table was with terrain, I was stuck using the roads to maneuver around the field. This of course lead my Strike Squad right into melee combat with my wife's gears, and that was devastating to my timing to get off the board in time. I only managed to get one my of my squad off the field before the end of the game. The deployment zone objectives ended up both being a tie for my wife and I, as my Fire Support Squad stayed in my deployment zone the entire game and she moved her naga back into her zone on the last turn to counter me capturing that. In the end I lost 3VP to 2VP, which of course made my wife more then happy since she won a game.

A few things I have noticed about my PRDF versus my wife's Black Talons though is just how elite the Black Talon's are. With my current force setup I don't have the heavy fire power to actually inflict damage on the Black Talons on a reoccurring basis. Normally my damage is easily ignored, especially melee damage with my vibro-knives. I am going to have to revamp my force listing to get more heavy weapons on the field.

On that note, when I got to Knightfall, I was told my Cataphract and my Coyote had come in. Those are going to add some long range firepower to my fire a truly need with a couple railguns. I need to get a Warrior blister and Crusader IV blister to fit into my newly formed list, as one Crusader IV is dropping his HAC to a MBZK and I will be using less Warrior IVs in my newer list. I will also still have two squads of Anti Gear Rifle equipped infantry on the field. I am hoping the extra sturdy boxes, more heavy weapons and more bodies in general will help me counter my wife a bit more.

I loaned Chris one of my Field Manuals that came in the starter pack so he could read through it, but this week I figure I'll have to stop by there again and get those two blisters on order. It's great that Chris let me hang out at his shop most of the day and let my wife and I knock out a game of Heavy Gear while it was a Warmachine night. So again I say, 'Thank you Chris for the excellent service and friendly atmosphere your store provides this area'.
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