Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random Heavy Gear tactics and thoughts

I've mentioned before how I am having a hard time pegging my wife's Black Talons.

Some of the problem is that I am obviously not bringing enough heavy firepower to the fights. That's obvious as to when I do manage to hit, then I might get some damage in, but more often then not, I just do so little the BT doesn't feel it. In this regard I know I haven't been using my RoF attacks as well as I should be, especially for my LAC and MACs. The RoF might help increase my DM just enough to start causing more consistent.Using the RoF and bringing in more heavy weapons like LRGs and MBZKs will also help in giving me more punch. That however is the easy part of all this.

The other, and much more important aspect that I am always finding myself not taking advantage of is the Crossfire, Coordinated Fire, and more importantly the Command Point rules. Those right there would give my wife a -2 bonus on her defense on top of anything else, additional firepower, and a good number of other bonuses I am currently not using. Obviously that -2 is assuming everything comes into play each time, but there will be times where one or both can't be done, and there is always the thing of my wife trying to do the same thing.

Right now my wife outguns me in terms of equipment, I am hoping that with the above thoughts in mind I can start evening the playing field a little. I know that the PRDDF is supposedly an elite army according to the forums and whatnot, but I'm still trying to grasp exactly how to use them to their 'elite' level. Supposedly it has to do with my amount of available ECM, but I need to find the balance of actions to sacrifice to ECM and to use for my turn.

Lots for me to learn, but that's keeping me far more interested then most other games previously. I can see me owning a ton of Heavy Gear minis in the future as I make lists for each PL and various TV. I look forward to this weeks games.
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