Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another game of Heavy Gear Blitz down

Wife and I decided to do another game of Heavy Gear Blitz last night before crashing for the night. It was another 800 TV PL2 scenario using our currently forces. My objectives were to keep my Fire Support Squad alive and well by the end of the battle while also capturing the abandoned gear manufacturing plant (4OP). My wife's objectives however were to Forward Observe a forest in my deployment zone while also getting another unit off the table through my deployment zone (4OP).

First turn started with me getting initiative and moving my Strike Squad through the rough terrain, getting an Combat Lock on one of my wife's Vulture and pegging it with a few missiles. My wife returned the favor by moving the vulture forward and Forward Observing the Warrior IV who shot at him. Many Black Talon rockets went skyward and hammered into the gear repeatedly. That gear was taken all the way down to his critical rating. My Fire Support Squad moved forward and unloaded their rocket payloads with the much more inaccurate Active Locks, and saw their rockets deviate in every direction but a useful one. My wife's Dark Naga rushed forward at full speed, aiming to get within Detect range of my deployment zone forest, a few rockets flew from the Naga, but striking nothing important.

Second turn started wtih my wife stealing the initiative from my PRDF and going first. Of course the first thing that happened was the Dark naga moved foward within range of my firest to Forward Observe the area, but leaving itself in the wide open for my retaliation. The Naga shot a missile at the critically damaged Strike Squad Warrior IV and destroyed that gear. I countered by moving my force leader forward and targeting the Dark Naga and locking down a Forward Observation. Once that was completed the rest of my Strike Squad sent rockets into the air and knocked around the Naga respectably well. I ended up with my Strike Squad more split up then I was hoping, as I needed to get some cover between my Strike Squad members and the Vulture and Raptor staring at them from across the field. My wife's went top ground speed with almost all her Operational assistance team, closing the gap much faster then I was expecting. The Vulture and Raptor both botched their attack rolls for their primary weapons getting No Ammo flags on both. My Fire Support Squad tried to assist in finishing off the Dark Naga, but the machine refused to die and held on with all boxes checked off. I made sure to get my Fire Support Squad within six inches of the gear assembly plant so I could complete my objectives since I now had a good idea of what both my wife's objectives were going to be.

Third turn had my wife keeping the initiative on her side and going first, and as expected the Naga reestablished Forward Observation on the forest area in my deployment zone, my ECCM not giving me enough of a boost to counter effectively. I brought my strike squad forward and unloaded my medium rockets packs into the unhidden Naga, destroying it and taking away the potential of her getting that set of victory points. My wife kept her Operational Assistance Team running at full speed straight through my lines, far enough back I could only get a few of the Fire Support Squad to turn around. The Crusader IV tried to use his Heavy Autocannon and botched the roll, getting the No Ammo token for that weapon. The rest of the team tried to use their medium rocket packs on the Owl and Vultures who just sped past, but simply could not hit them fast moving targets.

The forth turn I won the initiative again, but wasn't able to do as much as I wanted as my Strike Squad was mostly stuck in rough terrain and moving much to slow to assist. The Operational Assistance Team finished their moves off the tabletop, and my Fire Support Squad stood at the gear factory wondering what to do.

Once we got done laughing about the terrible dice rolls my wife had we calculated the victory points from our objectives. As we expected I won as all my Fire Support Squad was alive at the end of the battle (2 VP) and they had control of the gear factory with no enemies within six inches (2VP). My wife however did not managed to scout the forest she needed, but her Operational Assistance Team got off the table with everyone still alive (3VP).
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