Saturday, February 25, 2012

Heavy Gear bits on order

Wife and I jumped into Heavy Gear yesterday. Went to Knightfall Games and got a few bits on order. Nothing overly expensive, and surely you'll see us put in more orders as we figure out weapon combos we like more, but we ordered just enough to get us to TV1000 and PL2 listings.

My list is going to have:
Infantry Section armed with Anti Gear Rifles
General Purpose Squad - Chieftain IV, Warrior x2, Warrior IV x2
Strike Squad - Cataphract Lord, Warrior IV x2, Crusader IV x2
Light Tankstrider - Coyote

My wife's list hardly changed from her current form, with Infantry being the only option for Core troops.
Infantry Section on ATVs and armed with Anti Gear Rifles
Infantry Section on ATVs and armed with Anti Gear Rifles
Veteran Operational Assistance Team - Owl C3, Raptor Commando, Vulture x2
Mobile Ordnance - Dark Naga

This is of course using the current values and not the playtesting values in Gear Up issue 5. If we were to be using those issues, my wife would have to make some cuts, while I would get over 100 TV to spend on more upgrades/units.

So far the hardest thing about the scale of Heavy Gear is getting terrain that fits well and is relatively cheap with everything considered. I plan on making some hab units out of a gerbil ball, and maybe some papercraft buildings, but haven't really locked down any plans. Thankfully the Zuzzymat is still being useful as a playfield. It's simply been a long time since I played with something less then 28mm scale minis, so I have very little that can be used out of the box that isn't just huge compared to the infantry on the field.

Camera is out of batteries at the moment, but eventually I will get some photos of the minis. I already told Chris at Knightfall that I would let him paint my minis for the commission if he is game. Once that is done, I'll upload the finished thing, but that's a ways down the line. Heck I still have Monsterpocalypse minis I need to get pics of at some point.
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