Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heavy gear Blitz - PRDF Coyote painted

The first of my PRDF is done and just needs varnished. It is a standard build Coyote in tank mode (I disliked how it looked in walker mode), and for the most part it came out looking pretty decent.

One of the traps I kept finding myself falling into was trying to paint the small tank to the same standards as I would for much larger tanks such as Rhinos or Land Raiders. In the end it came out looking pretty good, and most of the defects that are visible on the macro pics here are actually hardly noticeable on the mini from a playing distance. To be honest, I am perfectly fine with that outcome as well since I'm not aiming to win any painting competitions any time soon. I will say, that even in these pics the mini comes across much larger then what it is in actuality.  That says something for the amazing sculpting work by DP9 on their figures.

While highlighting I tried to highlight to many edges, had to go back and refocus on my efforts of pic out the direction the sun/light would be coming from so highlighting looked more uniform across the board. I will keep that mistake in the back of my mind for the rest of my minis for sure as I knock those out one by one.

The next thing on the chopping block will be me putting the sand/paint mixture I made on the bases of my gears, then once that is good and dry starting into the Cataphract. The sand mix came out good in a 'dry run' on another mini yesterday, and the end affect lends itself well to having static grass added in alongside the rocks and sand once painting is done.
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