Saturday, March 10, 2012

Woke up with a thought...

You ever wake up because your brain simply wouldn't shut up? This happens to me fairly often, if I think about bills in my dreams, suddenly I'm awake making sure I paid the bills for instance.

Anyhow, the thought was simply this... The Heavy Gear Blitz minis aren't overly detailed or large. Is it really worth commissioning out my force just to get them painted, so should I just suck it up and do it? Now most people know from previous posts, I am no terrible painter, I can get the job done pretty well as seen in pics of my Retribution Halberdier post I put up a while back.

I have the image in my head, easy to do since I wanted to break my norm and use the studio paint scheme for my PRDF. With the DP9 pics, I should be able to get the wine red and grey armor plating where I want and need. Of course some units will have patterns reversed, or a shoulder a different company, but in general,it should keep the same known color scheme.

I don't have many minis right now, this makes the choice a bit easier, as I shouldn't be as overwhelmed painting 12 minis total rather then 30-40+. Right now on the table I have:

Of course I will get more minis here shortly, and my minis are slightly different when it comes to poses, but the idea is to use their general scheme.

In terms of ease, I think the Coyote will be the simplest to get done since it is so to the point, the Cataphract might be next since it isn't really as complicated as it looks in the pic. It is just so big that there really isn't 'small' details to worry about. After that I'll punch into the FS Squad and Strike Squad. Next should be a couple blisters with some Warriors and Crusader IV and my Infantry, which are only 12mm tall roughly, so shouldn't be hard to knock them out.

I was originally going to use sand on my PRDF bases, but the idea was changed for a couple reasons, one being that the bases were primered before I got the sand glued one, and the second being all the terrain my wife has been busy painting up is very green and lush. I might still get some sand on the bases, I simply don't know yet. I can always reprimer their feet only. I am getting ideas from Basing Your Miniatures, specifically the third and forth options. They do mention mixing sand with some form of gel or getting a hold of a few premade mixes, so that might actually help me choose.

On top of that issue with the bases, I need to figure out a good way to mark sixty degree increments on the Cataphract's base so that we can correctly measure turning like the smaller gears allow us to do. All sixty degree marks will have alternating red and grey matching the color scheme of the force.

As you can see, my brain has been hard at work about this. I'll do what I can I suppose. Another challenge, lets see if I manage to pass or fail this one.
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