Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Unfortunate day for the local hobby

Yesterday I got woken up by my wife asking if I wanted to hear the bad news for us, or the worse news for someone else. Of course I wanted to get the news that involved myself directly out of the way, and that was the amazingly high bid the contractor came back with to do our floors in the house. I can live with that, as I can go out and get other bids. If I had the ability and know how to do it myself, I would simply do the floors on my own, but unfortunately that isn't the case.

Anyhow the worse news...

My wife got a call from Chris at Knightfall Games, and he let her know that they were going out of business after five years. To say I was stunned would be an understatement. I would never have expected that the news of going out of business would come so suddenly. I know I always tried to validate purchasing something each time I went in, as I know it was a store first and social environment second. I didn't even bother watching points for discounts since I was more then happy to have a good place to hang out that was good to play at, great with my two kids, and wasn't horribly out of the way.

I will be the first to admit that I am not a great socializer. I simply don't like chatting with folks and faking interests in like I don't 'get' nor understand. At the same time I don't expect people to pretend they care about my hobbies. Knightfall Games was a place where I could actually talk with various people there and have discussions since it was a place for wargamers. I have enough games under my belt that I could talk to anyone about Warhammer, WarmaHordes, Anima Tacitcs, ect and not feel completely out of the circle. I think for me, that is going to be the greatest loss of all, as I simply won't have the opportunity again for who knows how long.

The wargaming hobby at its core is one of some form of socialization, and having a place where the owner and customers were all on friendly terms with each other no matter the game helps that aspect a ton. I have taken a look at other options in my area, but thus far the search has been fruitless. The next step is to see if there is any gaming clubs in the area, but that might prove hard as well. I know I only stumbled across Knightfall Games by chance after getting tired of the store closer to my location not really being a gaming store that suit my needs/wants.

In the end the loss of Knightfall Games is going to be hard felt for a while. I will certainly miss our weekly trips to the store, and I can only hope the best for Chris and his family as he moves on with other endeavors of life. The store added far more to the community then I am sure he could even be aware of.
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