Saturday, November 10, 2012

Firestorm Armada Itch

With the weather change, I have been spending a lot more time on the PS3 playing Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2.Yes, I know it's an older(ish) game, but it is amazing at sucking up time. Anyhow, that along with my Gundam anime collection, I really started to look back at Firestorm Armada. More so after I made a discovery.

In the first Gundam's the flagship was called the Argama. Pretty simple collor scheme, but the heroic exploits throughout the series was massive. Just a simple, yet great, core ship for a fleet. Won't even go into the fact that the Zeta Gundam, my all time favorite gundam was stationed on this ship. Overall, it was a ship that saw lots of lives and deaths through it's time in the Gundam spot light, from Emma, to Reccoa, all the way to Kamile. It was all over the place, and where it went action and drama was sure to follow, as any good Gundam ship would have.

I know most games try to be different, especially the GW games. I was rather shocked when I stumbled across the Zenian RSN Argus Carrier for Firestorm Armada. Looks like a pretty close comparison at first glance. Being a carrier, and also being so close to Gundam gave me a great idea.

Now of course, this alone wouldn't make me post unless there was something else dragging my thought along. Being a former player of Jovial Chronicles I thought of something else that could link Firestorm Armada with Gundam even further. Something I am sure someone else has done out there, but it's the first real connect for me.
The idea of a Gundam themed fleet would be pretty easy over all. The color scheme would be easy enough to do, and the looks of the ships fit almost exactly. The problem though comes when you think about the fact there are no gundams or mobile armors only generic units called wings in Firestorm armada. Thankfully, this is where Jovian Chronicles comes in. DP9's space themed miniature game had a lot of mecha and space fighters to choose from, and since the Firestorm Armada miniatures don't have to be to scale (measurements taken from the base flying rod), this opens up the potential of bringing the two series together to create my vision.

Looks like a mobile armor to me.
Gundam? Check. Awesome? Double check.

Yes, it will be a bit more expensive than normal, but the idea of having such an amazing themed force on the battlefield is great. It certainly is an interesting idea, and you could get a decent size 1200 point Zenian Fleet for just over $200 without counting the Jovian Chronicle minis that is pretty close to the studio's force, but with a couple extra frigates added.

It is just a thought, but first have to get a few other things in order. Can't say this isn't a HUGE draw to bring me back into Firestorm Armada. Now to see if my wife thinks the same.
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