Thursday, June 30, 2011

Warmachine - 25 point Reznik vs eSkarre

This battle was fought after my wife's defeat at the hands of Kroess. I decided to go back to a warcaster which i felt more comfortable playing with. My wife kept her same army list from the 25 point pKreoss vs eSkarre battle report. I of course had to change some stuff up and went with:

High Executioner Servath Reznik
  • Castigator
  • Reckoner
  • Hierophant
  • Choir of Menoth (Leader and 3 Grunts)
  • Flameguard Cleansers unit 1 (Leader and 5 Grunts)
  • Flameguard Cleansers unit 2(Leader and 5 Grunts)
  • The Wrack (3 wracks)
  • Vassal of Menoth

 The terrain was moved a bit, to allow each person to take advantage of the trees and temple. This time around I won first turn and deployed my units on the board. Cleansers unit 1 set-up between the temple and a group of trees on the left side of the board, me thinking I could use the unit's fire cloud to slow down any advancing through that area. The other units set-up on the right side of the board, making that part a bit crowded, but strong.

My wife deployed most of her units on the right side of the tabletop, thinking of course she'd go after the weaker flank. This tactic of course was sound in most circumstances. Once again only the small unit of her Raiders was left facing my main force.

Cleanser unit 1 advanced up the field and got into position at the corner of the temple. Cleanser unit 2 advanced up the right board flank to get into a position to support the rest of my forces. Reznik cast Iron Aggression on the Castigator and move forward up the right flank of the temple. The Castigator ran forward getting in front of Cleanser unit 2, with the Reckoner bringing up the rear. The various jack support didn't have much to do, as each managed to fail their rolls.

My wife advanced quickly towards Cleanser unit 1, hoping for a quick kill. Her small unit of Raiders advancing upon the Castigator. Nothing of to much importance happened otherwise during my wife's turn.

Seeing that my wife was going more or less where I expected her too, which I would have done as well given the chance and her situation, I knew my plan was more or less going into play. Cleanser unit 1 moved forward, flamers lighting everyone unit the large unit a blaze and killing each thanks to them being jammed together so tightly. The Castigator rushed into combat, I gave him two focus for two extra attacks, and began punching the ladies in the face, each each with ease. Although the Castigator did what I expected, there were still two Raiders left standing, so my Cleanser unit 2 moved forward and lit them on fire, once again killing both.

My wife tried a new tactic this time around, something that actually made me waste more shot them I wanted to from Cleanser unit 1 in the near future. She moved her Sea Witches forward, spreading them out in a V-formation as much as possible. Skarre filling out the center with her Reaper. She was still unable to attack Cleanser unit 1 though. Skarre sent her Slayer to go halt Reznik's advance for as long as possible to buy her some time.

Things were beginning to get serious on the right flank, as my die rolls began to fail me and flamer templates were firing in all directions. Cleanser unit 1 managed to kill most of the Sea Witch force, but they passed their leadership test to stay on the board. Skarre and the Reaper managed to not get wounded by any flamer shots, but the Reaper was set on fire twice over. Cleanser unit 1 began a controlled retreat back towards my deployment zone. On the other flank my Castigator moved forward and attacked the Slayer, the heavy blows destroying both of the Slayer's arms as well as setting it on fire. Cleanser unit 2 attacked, and managed to knock a few more damage boxes off, but nothing severe. 

Skarre moved forward, intent to wipe Cleanser unit 1 off the tabletop. using the acid spray AoE spell Skarre has she managed to kill two of the unit. The Reaper's harpoon killing another. Cleanser unit 1 remained strong and didn't fail it's command roll. The remains of the Sea Witch unit reformed and went to assist the Slayer, but unable to get within range of anything to do any good. The Slayer attacked the Castigator easily hitting it with it's tusks, but unable to pierce the Castigator's iron hide for any damage.

Reznik took the Focus from the Wrack that Skarre and the Reaper was standing next to, for an obviously dirty followup tactic. Cleanser unit 1 attacked Skarre, the Reaper, and the wrack, setting each on fire multiple times over, the wrack's explosion taking almost half of Skarre's health away in some much needed high rolls. Again Cleanser unit 1 fell back deeper into my own deployment zone. The Castigator finished of the Slayer, having no trouble's killing the poor jack with Iron Aggression's enhancement. Cleanser unit 2 burned the last survivors of the Sea Witches. My units began to move backwards to go meet Skarre who was now more or less exactly where Reznik had deployed.

The fire on the Reaper refused to go out and continued to burn away systems at an alarming rate, finally destroying the jacks harpoon arm and movement while it faced Reznik's fresh returning force. Once again my wife used the acid spray spell to kill off the last of Cleanser unit 1 who had baited her all the way back to Reznik's deployment zone. Skarre blew up another wrack with another Acid AoE attack which Cleanser unit 2 was walking past, and destroyed that unit between the AoE and the Wracks explosion.

Because of Cleanser unit 2's wipe, that left the Reckoner and Castigator free to pass towards the heavily weakened and immobile Reaper and Skarre. The Reckoner's shot finishing off the Reaper. Reznik rushed forward to meet Skarre in combat, although he was still out of range.

Since Skarre was in a no win situation she rushed Reznik, but was unable to hurt him due to the camped focus he was sitting on.

My turn I started with Reznik's feat just to make sure the Skarre would feel the full punch of my executioner's blade. At that point, cast Engine of Destruction as I was going to finish the game. One clean cut, and Skarre was wracked by Reznik for her heretical ways.

This game lasted much longer, and was far more fun then the first 25 point game we played that night. In fact both 25 point games seemed more entertaining then our normal 35 point battles. Wife is still having issues dealing with my Cleanser. I am just not sure what can be done to help her melee only units close the gap with my flamers completely decimating her time and again. Might need to load up the table with more defense giving terrain and LOS blockers.

For my end, the castigator was just excellent with the buffs he had. Cleanser unit 1 was my unit of the match though, almost destroying two entire units, and kiting Skarre around the table until Reznik's group could finish cleaning up the other board sections. Not much to say, my force performed extremely well overall.
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