Saturday, November 5, 2011

Actually survived a dungeon!

Last night, for the family gaming night, family played Warhammer Quest again with my daughters new Dwarf mini she picked out and my new 'Elven Ranger' mini.

We decided to house rule, that the heroes wouldn't be stupid enough to go out into the wilds completely unprepared, and they would have 1D6 provisions to start the first dungeon with. We also let the Wizard have the Healing Hands spell, as we needed a dedicated healing spell that would be easier to cast then my Elven Ranger Mage's spells. Just those two rules alone, made the game go from impossible (we would not have made it past the 2nd room otherwise), to just down right challenging.

The quest we received was the 'Sacrifice?' quest, in which the Elven Ranger found one of his kin was being tortured and the heroes needed to stop the sacrifice. Standard dungeon deck building starting us off in a golden corridor. The warriors included the Barbarian, the Dwarf, Elven Ranger Mage, and the Wizard.

The first room we explored was a dungeon room with three minotaurs in it. While we were busy fighting those minotaurs, we had snotlings and goblins also join the fight due to unexpected events. As I said earlier, if it wasn't for those provisions we brought along, we would never have made it pass this room.

Eventually the heroes did manage to beat down all the mobs in front of us, and every turn the Elven Ranger's kin was still alive so we moved forward, plowing through a couple more dungeon rooms, none of which were nearly as dangerous as the first one we entered.

We got to a point, that the Elven Ranger, due to peoples positioning, got left in the dungeon room we just cleared as the other three heroes entered the new dungeon room recently explored. As the event occurred I almost let out a complete moan of defeat. The portcullis slammed shut between the Elven Ranger and the other heroes. Not a good sign at all. Of course that event called for another event card immediately, and just by luck in the same room happened to be the dying Dwarf with the key to the portcullis.

The Elven Ranger's luck didn't let up from this point on. The next Power Phase found me rolling three '4's on the 3D6 required for the quest. Unfortunately that meant my kin had died, but as a team we all went onward for revenge.

Eventually got into the Objective room, and wife rolled the D6 to see which enemies awaited us in the shadows, and much to everyone's joy it came up a '6' meaning 12 snotlings, 6 goblin spearmen, and 6 goblin archers. The warriors started mauling their way through the enemies, with numerous Pits of Despair being planted on the back wall by the wizard, and the Elven Ranger's Shockwave spell taking out numerous goblins before being to weak to hurt anything. We had a single Unexpected event occur that brought another minotaur into the fight, but by the time he showed up, most of the greenskins were already dead, and the heroes had enough equipment to quickly dispatch the minotaur.

Because the Elven Ranger's kin was already dead, we decided he couldn't show us the secret way out, so we walked out of the dungeon, everyone still very much alive, and almost completely full health. At this point wife said we were going to get the characters to a settlement to restock, as she wanted to get into the roleplay book finally.

We decided to go to a town, and made the rolls. The only thing out of the ordinary that happens was the chapel event, in which the barbarian gained another point of health, the gods wasn't listening to any other of our prayers. Once we safely arrived in town, we called it a night and sent the kids to bed. We figured we would take the time to restock our supplies before the start of our next adventure.

We survived though, that's the important thing!
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