Saturday, November 5, 2011

No good news is without bad news...

So, as I posted earlier, my Retribution of Scyrah force arrive last night and I've spent a good deal of today building it, and as I was plugging along, things looked like everything was in order, until I got to the last two sets that needs built; Houseguard Halberdiers and Discordia. Unfortunately both of these were missing some key items. Thankfully not many, as it was only one piece from each box set.

The Houseguard Halberdier unit was missing the unit card that is supposed to come with each box. instead it got packaged with a Dawnguard unit card, which doesn't really help me a ton.

Discordia, as some may know, is a metal upgrade kit to the plastic Heavy Myrmidon box set, and it was in the box set that I ran into trouble. The left forearm for the myrmidon was missing completely from the package. of course this means I can kinda build Discordia, but in the end, I still need that left arm since it is one of her (I don't know why I think Discordia would be a girl warjack) primary weapons.

I put in tickets to Privateer Press, hoping they replace those missing items quickly. They have a new system in place now, so maybe it'll work better then the last time I had to report missing items to them. Previous times I never received my items, and had to actually call them up in order to get the missing parts in the mail.

I know it most likely is just the system, so not holding anything against PP personally, however would like to put in an order at least once and get everything I ordered. I have noticed this as a bad pattern for the last year or two. GW sent me badly warped bases, Mantic didn't send me a full unit or cavalry bases, My Relthoza Firestorm Armada mini didn't come with a base, and PP almost always had a card or bit missing from the pack. Starting to think the gaming companies are against me.
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