Monday, November 7, 2011

New HiTech mini preview

 Just saw this on my Tabletop Fix blog feed, and found it amazingly beautiful enough to want to post about.

That to me is just an amazing mini in terms of details. With just a little work it would fit well for any Angel themed 40K force, or even a Warpath 'Forgefather' force using space marine minis. 

Of course, for me personally, I am almost tempted to buy it simply because of how it looks. I would love to see just how much detail the mini has in person, as many people know, it is easy for pictures to make minis look far better or worse then they actually are.

Between Scibor minis and HiTech minis, there has been a lot of good, but rather expensive, alternatives to GWs minis for people to create their own custom forces. I still think I lean more towards the lion themed force with the Scibor bits, but if HiTech manages to release more minis bits with this theme, then I could see a Blood Angel or any of it's successor chapters having a great personalized appearance on the tabletop.
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