Saturday, November 12, 2011

A weekend lost for gaming

This weekend was rather.. eventful in an uneventful type of way.

Didn't get in any wargaming since just didn't have opponent. Either wife or myself was out and about most of the time, so can't really play anything. Sure didn't help that my Privateer Press part replacement request didn't get upgraded to shipped until just yesterday. Almost a week to finally get a card and left forearm shipped, which compared to GW does seem rather long, but I guess PP is a bit smaller in that regard.

Not to say I have been completely idle for my gaming. I have been hard at work creating greenstuff bases for my Retribution forces. I will post a detailed blog about that in the near future once I lock down my assembly. It really is simpler then what I expecting, just took some time to plan out exactly how I was going to go about doing thing. I will say it does look amazing though, and really adds new life to minis outside using the same old flock and lichen for basing materials. Burning through greenstuff like wildfire however, so will end up having to buy a couple new tubes most likely.

Have not primered anything this weekend unfortunately due to the weather. The cold and rain has never ended up with good results for me. Usually the primer cracks, or dries in weird way, so I'll just wait till weather balances itself out for a couple days. It won't affect me playing or not once my minis are all in order.

Something else that should help with my gaming photos is that we got a bunch of new lenses for the camera, ranging from fisheye to 10x macro, and a small tripod to boot. Those should go a long distance towards making the mini pics I take actually look decent enough when uploaded compared to what I've posted in the past. Won't make the camera suddenly a DSLR, but certainly helps out where I need it.

I did go visit Knightfall Games this weekend to get the Wrath book for Warmachine. Those folks are always good to visit with and hang out for a few minutes to be around fellow gamers. They showed off the custom Stompa the store owner made that has lights hardwired into the body, as well as a few extra modes like the head popping off and whatnot. In addition to that we chatted about the new PP releases on the horizon, as well as they confirmed that PP does seem to have bad quality control. Like I said, just good to hang out with other gamers for a few minutes and putz around. might not be able to play as much, but can still talk about it.

Tried to put up a bunch of Menoth figures onto Craigslist, but Warmachine just doesn't have anyone interested at this time. Most likely I'll either just have to sit on them, or try and sell them to neighbors or something.

The holiday season is always super busy, so in terms of gaming, I'm never playing as much as I would like. In a couple weeks the wife will be leaving town, so I'll be pretty much left to my RC heli and wargaming during those 3-4 days. Should have my Retribution in fighting order by then, and might be able to get the neighbor to come over and play a game or two.
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