Saturday, November 5, 2011

Retribution of Scyrah force arrived

Last night got back from taking my family out to dinner, and found a package on my doorstep. Much to my pleasure it was the delivery I was waiting for from TheWarStore.

Inside was the Reaper mini I ordered to use for Warhammer Quest, which I have a write up to follow shortly.

There was also my wife's two Warwitch Sirens, to help fill out her Cryx force.

The majority of the box though was my new Retribution of Scyrah force.

I made a glance through my package, made sure everything is there, and thus far it seems there were not mispacks this time around. Of course it only takes one small bit for me to overlook, so will keep a much closer eye as I actually get building.

I did manage to read through my book a bit, and found a good number of tell-tale signs that this was not a first generation force. The first thing that leapt out to me was the artwork didn't look on the same lines as my Menoth or my wife's Cryx 'Forces of' books. The writing seemed to be a little shakier ground, as well. The first major story didn't draw me in as much as my Menoth story did, and I'm not sure why honestly. I think I'm just not used to characters yet, but who knows until i get my wife or some else to read through and see what they have to say.

As I build the force, I will also post blogs about the build. Right now I am still tumbling ideas for paint schemes around in my head for paint schemes, and basing.

For schemes I have a few things I have found and liked on the web:

This color scheme is proving tried and true, as my Deathwing had more or less the same look, and they looked pretty good marching up the field. The original artist of this mini would no doubt look much better then I could do.

Another scheme I am thinking about is something like the above, but with gold instead of yellow. Something more like the Thousand Sons color scheme from 40K.

This is another paint scheme I really like, but the original painter was amazingly good at paying attention to detail, something I lack with my horrible patience with painting.

The last option I am tempted to do is a heavy metal themed force using gold, bronze, or possibly a dark silver.

You might have guessed, I really like blue as a color scheme, so most of my paint schemes in general are focused around blue mixed in somewhere. It is just really one bad habit for me, but between blue and green, those are the two primary colors I always pick my schemes from, and rarely try painting red, yellows, and whatnot.

Basing is something else I would really love to have done with these minis far from my normal flocking and done ways. I was heavily impressed with one of the picks I saw on the Privateer press forums.

It looks amazingly nice, and I think I'd like to do something along those same lines, actual terrain on the bases rather then just grass and shrubs.

I imagine I'll come up with some plan eventually. Until then, I have enough to build and worry about.
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