Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some interesting Warseer threads popping up

As I have mentioned a few times in the past, I visit the Warseer forums fairly often. Been a member for a while, but really don't post more then once or twice a month, if that. however I am finding some rather interesting threads popping up in the GW General Discussion area.

What is your annual GW spending; this one is interesting to see just how much people spend, and the comments about how much it's dropped off for them. I am not shocked though to see my experiences more or less mirror most of what a lot of those people are saying. I didn't post, but I did vote in the poll, since the last GW minis I purchased was the Saurus Cold One riders near the start of the year. All other minis have comes from Spartan Games, Privateer Press, Reaper, or Mantic.

Price for a first army driving new players away; This is another one where you can see a lot of truths, and a lot of 'fanboyism' popping up. I am personally of the mind that yes, the GW prices do chase new players away from the Warhammer franchise. Firestorm Armada gives you a $30 rulebook, and in that book are all the rules you need to play the six major factors and even the proxies needed to play. Warmachine/Hordes $50 starter kits comes with quick start rules to get a good handle on the majority of the rules before even investing in the main rulebook, or an army book. Compared that to GW, where even the basic battalions don't give you enough of a starter force to be tabletop legal, as they don't come with leaders or the codex/army books.

What slice of the hobby pie do you engage in; this is just another interesting thread where people post exactly where they fall in the hobby. I found it interesting that most people consider that having a high gaming score means you are a tournament player. I made my own particular post, in which I felt was very much on target. I found it more interesting even to see how many people mention historical tabletop games as their primary or only games they play.

Overall, as I said before, just some interesting threads popping up that I have been watching to see where they go.
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