Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Warmachine force info

I know I quickly went over this in a blog post a few days ago, but figured I would go over the details.

As you gathered if you had been reading any of my recent posts, I have gotten pretty serious back into Warmachine just for the simple fact that it is a game that well suits my type of playstyle and thinking. As such I have a tried and true Reznik themed force that I have used and had great luck with on a good number of occasions, but I wanted to try something new, and something completely different to Reznik.

Well I do like Elves, which the Retribution is, so that was an easy choice there. I know there is no official starter kit for the Retribution, but there is a suggested-unofficial one, but I didn't like the idea of taking another witch hunter, just a ranged witch hunter rather then a melee version. I wanted something truly different. Well instead of playing a witch hunter, why not play a witch right? So Rahn comes through to fit that roll well, as he seems to be the only true heavy caster based Retribution character.

Of course I built the force around the idea of Rahn and a mobile force of mages and their bodyguard unit of halberdiers. A few solos to help out of course. Of course having Rahn's personal Warjack, and the awesome looking Phoenix warjack is a big onus as well.

The end list looks like:

  • Rahn
  • Discordia
  • Phoenix
  • Battle Mages
  • Full Halberds w/ UA
  • Arcanist
  • Arcanist
  • Magister
  • Magister
  • Magister
I honestly don't know what to expect from this, as I built this from a purely theme and gut instinct point of view. A part of me is really kicking myself for not having the book before putting in the order, but I had an idea what I wanted, and the theme fit, so figured it would get me pretty close to the ballpark I was aiming for in regards to playstyle.

So I went to TheWarStore and got my order put in. Once everything is said and done, I managed to get all those minis, the Retribution book, and the tokens for a grand total of $177.90, not counting the shipping charge which was ~$5.95 or something in that region. Not a terrible haul for a full 35 point force.

I imagine I will buy more minis as I become more comfortable with the current force and fine tune it to better fit my wanted playstyle, but for the time being, getting a full average force for less then $200 is a big bonus. Especially when just a couple weeks ago I was looking at restarting my 1500 point Tau force and finding myself spending far, FAR, FAR more money to rebuild that force.
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