Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Privateer Press comes through in the end

As some may have read in my previous blog, I have had some issues with my latest part replacement request from PP. I went on a rather quick rant about things not being how I expected, and seemed far more upset then I truly was. It was a mix of being in a rush, being rather upset I still couldn't get my figures to the table (I personally hate to proxy, just a pet peeve of mine), and a mix of personal happenings as of late.

I will admit to everyone, that I was shocked to open my e-mail and find a letter from Privateer Press, in which they found my complaints on my blog, and got the card in the mail, and apologized to me for the mistake. I didn't honestly think my little corner of internet space would reach any ears of those that mattered, let alone, that Privateer Press cared enough to figure out all the pieces in order of who I really am (obviously my name isn't really Sunfyre), get in touch with me, and update me as to the status of the card.

I do feel though that after my rant, and Privateer Press's stellar response, I should apologize to them. As I said, a mix of things made my previous blog come off as far more aggressive then I intended. It is true that I do tend to get a fairly large amount of packaging issues, but no matter the problem Privateer Press has always been helpful in trying to fix the problem. It is unfair of me to hang them out to dry when they make a mistake as simply overlooking a ticket.

It was partly my fault as well, as I didn't check the entire order I received prior to putting in the parts replacement request, and placed orders in rapid succession rather then in one request as they state on their form. I have no doubts none of this would have happened if I had been more patient and actually did a full inventory prior to putting in my requests.

So yes, in my history of dealing with Privateer Press, large orders almost always have at least one or more missing components. In every occasion though Privateer Press went well beyond their means in order to make the mistakes right. I thank them for that, and thus why I personally choose to continue giving them my business.
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