Friday, November 18, 2011

Privateer Press 35 point Holiday sale is on!

It's that time of the year where PP has another sale through their store, this time for 35 point forces from both Warmachine and Hordes.

Of course it still isn't great for those people who already  got an force planned out, like I had my Rahn force before I even got my Forces of X book. It is still a very good jumper to get into the hobby much cheaper then normal. TheWarStore is also supposed to be having it's Black Friday Sale here soon, which you may be able to get just as good or better deals for a whole new army build.

My wife still has the starter kit for her Skorne force which we haven't built upon simply because of the cost, but with the WarStore sale, most likely I will fill out the force to be more or less what Privateer Press has listed for their Skorne forces listing. I don't need tokens, tape measure, dice, or anything else, so there is a large price difference between what PP is asking and what I actually need. Like I said above, the sales are great for people who are just wanting to get into the hobby, not so great for people who are already involved in almost any degree previously.

Yes, I will get some photos of my Retribution force up at some point, I know I am behind there. they are all built, and all having custom greenstuff basing done.
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