Sunday, November 20, 2011

Really hate the holiday season

I've never been one to actually like the holidays, for me it always comes out to be more of a hassle then it should be. This year is looking to be pretty much the same already.

We had to celebrate Thanksgiving early since my wife will be out of town this weekend. That in and of itself isn't to much of a problem really, as I have handled being along fairly often, and always managed to survive. What is rather annoying is that I busted hump to get my Retribution force built and table ready, and won't be able to actually play for who knows how long.

The first night we could have played everyone in the house was too busy setting up decorations all the way through to the Christmas tree. This of course wasted most of the night, and my wife couldn't stay up very late to play anyhow. I was fine with this, since I figured I would get to play on Saturday night after the dinner, and once the kids get sent to bed. I was wrong.

Some may know, others might not, but turkey actually does have a chemical in it that makes you sleepy once you eat it, as such I ate very little since I needed to stay up for the night. Everyone however tore through the bird. This meant my wife went to bed at 7:30PM, kids a little later, and of course leaving me bored and alone.

It wouldn't nearly be an issue if it wasn't so cold and so humid outside, with those conditions I can't even primer my new Retribution force and start painting. I've made that mistakes on my Dark Angels years ago and quickly learned my lesson. I watched a bit of Netflix, nothing really good of course, and my wife did eventually wake up, but I sent her back to bed within an hour. Not really a long enough time to get a game set-up and played.

Tried to get on FFXIV and play a bit, but finding it very hard to do. Honestly I miss PvP at this point and almost tempted to go back to Rift simply because of that. I did finally ding level 44, but it didn't really feel special. I am still not sure if I want to keep playing that game once they start charging. Just having a hard time staying motivated.

Anyhow, I work for the next three days, it's my normal schedule, so of course not overly irritated about that. What does irk me however is the fact that simply because of Thanksgiving on Thursday, all the major work the back half shifts are supposed to do will be pulled in to front half. Nothing new really, but still annoying to deal with. When I get home Wednesday morning my wife plans on leaving, so hoping their trip is a safe on coming and going.

While shes gone I'll have no car, no wargaming opponent, no PC gaming companion... Of course this'll lead to a ton of boredom on my part. Shes not sure when she'll come back, so I might or might not have any time to spend with her or the kids. Yeah, my wife is pretty important in terms of my entertainment level.

It's all very bleh. Like I said, I really don't like the holidays season at all. Cold, isolated, and everything aims to annoy me... Not a very happy time of the year. Give me the Summer months over this anytime. Sorry for the rant, just a mix of bleh, boredom, and annoyance.
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