Sunday, April 29, 2012

Heavy Gear Blitz - Completed PRDF

As promised, here is my completed PRDF group for Heavy Gear Blitz. The dip didn't really change the colors as much as I feared it might, in fact I think it did a lot to give it that wine red color I was wanting at the start.
Overall I am extremely happy about the way this army came out, even through all the rough spots I had. Once assembled together, the force looks really good together. The infantry really does a good job of looking like basic front liners and making the gears out to be actually special and huge. If it wasn't for the small scale, I would have added Mortars to the Infantry, but felt that it is better to leave them generic so that I can use them for whatever loadout I may need. Not to much complaining however, especially considering the way the infantry turned out looking after my varnish was applied. I am simply happy to have a good crisp looking platoon of soldiers for the battlefield.

Even the Coyote makes a fine centerpiece to the force, considering the Cataphract is rather lost with the Crusader IV gears in the Fire Support Squad. I wish I had magnetized the turret, but I simply wasn't sure I could, and was in a rush to get it built. The other thing I should have done was mount it on a large 60mm base like the Cataphract so that I could have it matching the rest of the force. For future reference I need to try that, but for now it looks fine to me. Nice mix point between infantry and gears, just again showing how big a gear is compared to a tank sized vehicle.

Using the Army painter dip really was a new experience for me since I had never actually dipped anything before. The shininess of the final coat would annoy me if it was a fantasy or gothic setting, but I find that I am fine with well polish and gleaming gears for the PRDF. Its rather fitting for them I think.

Once I actually got the force done, I actually found myself wanting more to paint, which is freakishly strange for me. After a few games I'll see about either expanding on my PRDF force, or building up that northern force I have been thinking about. That's a bit later on however, and money/time will play a big part in the choice.
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