Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Real life hampering the gaming world

Got to work the other night and I noticed that my hand was having a strange numb, burning, slightly tingling feelings in my wrist. Something that of course isn't normal, and I figured I would see if the feeling would go away with time or not, and of course it lasted the entire 12 hour shift I worked that night. Out of interest for my own health I went to the nurses office to early report it...

That turned on me much quicker then I expected. I went in at 7AM to report, and didn't leave the office until 810AM, have to schedule therapy sessions every week (at least these are free), as well as followup exams with the nurses once a week as well. That isn't the end of it though, else I wouldn't be writing this post. I was asked what my hobbies were, so I gave the honest answer of miniature wargaming, writing on the PC, boomerang, RC helicopters, and bike riding.

The nurse proceeded to tell me that I shouldn't deal with my miniatures or RC helis for a couple weeks, should minimize my time on the PC, but I'm doing good with the bike riding. She didn't bother mentioning the boomerang thing.

This of course leaves me slightly limited in my hobbies for the next couple weeks. We'll see how it goes since I know I will drive my wife up the wall out of boredom. I'm hoping the weather gets better so I can actually go for a decently long bike ride. That will at least be some sort of output for me while I get this wrist looked at, at least for a couple weeks.

Until then, can't say exactly how much I'll be blogging, we'll see as time comes and goes.
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