Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kings of War on Kickstarter

Today I got my Mantic newsletter and was rather surprised at what I was reading. Mantic was doing a Kickstarter for Kings of War. It was rather interesting, and it reached the $10K mark relatively quickly, much faster then I was thinking.

Kings of War is an interesting rule set for me, as you can tell that the heart of Warhammer Fantasy is there, and that is shocking considering who wrote the rules for both rule sets. Kings of War though was much simpler and straight forward, and like Heavy gear Blitz, this was something both my wife and I enjoyed. The game could be tons of fun without half a rulebook dedicated to special rules for each force. My biggest problem with it was namely the size of the game, but that was personal preference more then anything.

Anyhow, it got my interest piqued, as Mantic has been rather low on my radar lately for one reason or another. Of course I have been keeping up with their releases, but for the most part I have been rather dedicated to Heavy Gear Blitz as of late. Seeing this Kickstarter news something interesting in that Mantic, as far as I was aware, was doing pretty well for itself and more or less established. The Kickstarter didn't really seem to have a real dedicated goal to it's funding, but more or less a tapping on the web to see how it would do.

The key thing I am seeing here though is the potential for new customers to get into the game FAST. For $100 you get a rulebook, a first edition vampire mini, and a starter force. Not a bad haul when you consider how much a rulebook alone from other companies could run you on average. Granted you could just get the free rules from the Mantic website, but there is just something about having the rules in your hand. At least for me there is.

Anyhow, take a look at the Kickstarter and see what you think. I am curious to see how this pans out for the company, and more then curious to see if we will see more companies doing things similar later on. This campaign for Mantic 'awareness' comes right on the heels of the latest GW prices going out across the web, and Privateer Presses Summer Sale announcement. It truly is a great time to be a wargamer with all the various options available to us these days.

For me though, I actually still have an elven army I need to finish putting together and get painted from over a year ago. My wife also has a mostly Mantic Undead army in storage. maybe instead of building on Heavy Gear Blitz, I could dig out my Elves and get those all battle ready and have another game ready for the tabletop.
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