Thursday, May 31, 2012

200 Posts and Counting

Rather shocked that I have managed to get over the 200 post hurtle. Granted to do so I had to delete my old blog due to a weird bug losing all those previous followers, and to this day this blog certainly isn't the busiest (not as though I ever aimed for it to be). I am still proud of myself for being somewhat regular in updating this blog thus far and plan to continue so far a good while longer. Life might get in the way sometimes, but wargaming is still my first love of hobbies.

So what is next on my chopping block...

I still have some Firestorm Armada Miniatures that I think I can paint up and get field ready. That will most likely be my next painting project.

My wife is working on a Utopian Heavy Gear Blitz force, so will be working with her to get that army built and battle ready. Shes still deciding between pure Utopian, or CEF with Utopian allies, as she wants the Overlord tank something fierce.

May expand on my PRDF with a Red Bull, Anti-Rover Squad, and a Patrol Squad. Fill out my PRDF so I can more or less field any type of unit I want at any time. After that will see about starting a Northern force.

Have to work on my Kings of War Elven army, not going to worry about painting it up right away. I am trying to think of the best way i can paint it up without wanting to kill myself later. I am thinking about using the Army Painter colored primers for the base colors, and work from there. That may make it less annoying for me, not to mention faster turn around.

Still working on my personal Warhammer Quest revamp. Getting into the sticky part of cardless dungeon creation now, but figure I'll be able to punch through that barrier eventually. The rules aren't set in stone yet, but thus far it is a mix of SDE, Descent: JItD, HGB, and WHQ. Not going to go into much further details just yet.

Those are just things off the top of my head. Lots of little projects to knock out, so plenty of blog updates to be expected as time goes on. Granted real life may slow down posts here and there, but as always I'll get something else up before too long.

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