Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thinking about some Spring cleaning

I've naturally gained a lot of miniatures over the years from GW, Mantic, DP9, PP, ect and there comes a point when you have to decide if you are a horder or not.

I prefer 'Not'.

Anyhow, I need to get an exact list of what I plan on getting rid of, but pretty sure the all of the following are going to be cleared away.

  • WarmaHordes minis are all going to be sold since I simply have not played the game for months now, nor have any real interest to. Hard to want to play a game when you know your main opponent doesn't like the game. So that list should include Menoth, Retribution, Cryx, and Skorne.
  • My WFB Lizardmen army is in shambles, so might try to get rid of it for as cheaply as I can and see if i can clear those out as well. My wife's WFB army got turned into her Kings of War army, so that should be safe to keep I think.
  • I have the original Descent:JItD set and expansions which I haven't played in over a year, if not more. It simply did not hook us as much as both my wife and I tried to want it too. Think the only expansion I was missing was the sea based expansion.
  • Monsterpocalypse which we have GUARD, Terrasaurs, and Lords of Cthul and have yet to actually play a single game since I got the sets for my kid at Christmas so no real reason to keep those around if they are just going to take up space.

Those are just things I plan, and honestly really do need to, get rid of as the simply take up space in the house that could be far more useful for other things. Now of course I haven't sacrificed my Heavy Gear Blitz force, my Firestorm Armada, or my Kings of War stuff yet.

Wife and I need to play more games of Firestorm Armada and see if it hooks us or not since we haven't played it in forever. If it doesn't, then that game will join the list of miniatures on the chopping block. Kings of War and Heavy gear Blitz have more or less locked down their place in the house alongside Super Dungeon Explore and Warhammer Quest.

I haven't decided how I want to try and get rid of everything, as last time I used eBay I kept getting people from various countries asking me to ship to them even though I specifically said on the post I wasn't shipping out of the USA. Craigslist on the other hand relies far more on the local players to have an interest in what I am trying to get rid of which has also proved questionable the last couple times I tried to sell there.

In the end, what goes is what goes and I'll find a way to get rid of the rest in some way.
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