Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Query: Battle Report Photos

Going to try a new segment and see how it works called 'Thursday Query', As part of this new segment, I want to see where other players stands on those topics. Hoping to help others as well as myself with the answers, as well as bring in more interaction with the blog.

So I am putting this out on the table as the first question of the day:

How do you manage to take quality photos/video of your in progress battle reports, or do you prefer to use plain text or program such as Vassal?

Extremely fuzzy, probably because of the metal
Battle reports, in general, always seem to convey the action better with photos and videos than with just words. Something about just seeing the miniatures clashing with each other just comes across easier with a photo then when some describes it you.

This is an area though that I will gladly admit as a major weakness of mine. When I get into a game, I focus on the game and don't tend to remember to take any type of photo evidence until after the game is over, and by that time, it isn't really needed.

The few games where I do recall to take pics, they end up sub-par, or simply not effective in what I wanted. I have tried to keep a camera nearby, but found that after the battle was done that the pics weren't clear at all. not sure if I need to get a tri-pod or some other form of setup device, but even if I did that, would the pics be any better?

No focus for one reason or another
Now there are some amazing battle reports out on the web from companies and players a like. Each with their own flavor, and I would imagine different cameras. I would expect no less from a company, since they want to make their minis look great on the tabletop, but player photos intrigue me far more, as I can't seem to really match even those reports done with camera phones.
Only one pic of eight was worth posting

Granted, some battle reports can be better then others, but in general most people seem to have more luck then I do with my pics. Of course this could be simply my imagination. A quick Google search shows a pretty wide array of various battle reports one degree to another.

The use of Vassal is another common method of trying to convey the battle. Some people can make it look decent, but with just the short time I tried to use Vassal, I found the effort you had to put in was far more for smaller reward then standard photos.

So again I ask: How do you manage to get good photos/video, or do you prefer to use text or programs such as Vassal?
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